Limit of number of pipelines - is there any?



I have kind of custom monitoring setup which trigger a pipeline (.gitlab-ci.yml in a repository), get its ID (e.g. #5432) and status (success / failed) and remove the pipeline # afterwards. Everything is done using API calls.

So, every time I trigger a pipeline it gets some ID which is like +1 (#5432,#5433,#5434…and so on). Is there any limitation how many pipelines is possible to run? I’m just trying to avoid that in some point of time it will not be possible to trigger pipeline as it hit some limit. Can ID of pipeline to unlimited number?
I wonder if there is any limit of amount of pipelines in general.

I’m running GitLab Version still 12.10 at this moment.
Thank you for help in advance.

Hi @sedmaste
I am not aware of any application specific limit, the Pipeline number on is already in hundreds of millions. So it doesn’t seem like you will hit it soon :slight_smile: I would guess that the ID is only limited by type of column in database.