Linds' Favorite Tweets

Tweet of the Week!

Every week or so I will post my favorite tweet to this thread! I love the way our community interacts with GitLab, and it’s fun to see the role GitLab plays in everyone’s life!

This week’s favorite is:

Another awesome tweet: this one deserves a shout out because our community is SO GREAT at helping GitLab be an inclusive place.

You are an “honoured contributor” in our books! :wink:

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Yay! This week’s favorite tweet is a new GitLab Hero who seems as excited as we are to have them!

:man_superhero: :superhero: Learn about our Heroes Program here!

I already have a favorite this week!

@ebrinkman - Excellent share!

Check out the other cools things that are planned, too! :blush:

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