Link image assets in one project across multiple projects

My team has some image (jpg, png) file assets in one project. README files in multiple other projects link to these image files, but they do not display in the READMEs. Even using the Permalink URLs for the image assets, they do not display in the README of the project they are stored inside.

We were able to have a setup similar to this in GitHub previously, but our team has moved off of GitHub. (When an image is copy/pasted into the file when editing in the browser, Github seems to store the image in some kind of Amazon S3 storage and the resulting URL works globally across any repo that uses that URL)

What we want:
Image files in stored in one project, that correctly display when linked in the README files of that project and in other projects.

What we want to avoid:
We don’t want to have copies of these image assets in every project and rely on relative links to display them in the README files. Updating these image assets will be difficult in future maintenance.

We currently don’t have the option to host these image assets publicly on another service such as S3 and then link to them in all the relevant README files.

What has been tried:

  • Using the Permalink URLs to the image assets
  • Linking in markdown syntax: ![image 1](https://image.url)
  • Linking with HTML syntax: <img /…/ src=“https://image.url”>
  • Unchecking the “image files require authorization” box in project settings.