Link in to a single artifact (.png file) created by a CI/CD runner

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Use case: I have a CI/CD pipeline that generates a number of files. One of the files is dot_inline_dotgraph_1.png . I would like to link to that png file in the file like this: state-machine

This causes two problems:

  1. I can manually download a zip file with assets here: Sign in · GitLab This url contains the jobnumber. I don’t know how to link to the output of the job that was triggered by the current commit.

  2. The assets mentioned in 1) are inside a zip file. How can I link to dot_inline_dotgraph_1.png specifically?

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    After the script has run, I can download a zip file with the artifacts

    The contents of the zip file:

  • What version are you on? Are you using self-managed or
    I am using a self-managed version of gitlab to run the CI/CD script, (as I’m unable to run them on because I don’t have a credit card.)

GitLab Community Edition 14.6.0

I don’t know how to get the version number of the runner.

  • Add the CI configuration from .gitlab-ci.yml and other configuration if relevant (e.g. docker-compose.yml)

Here’s a copy of my repository:


# This file is a template, and might need editing before it works on your project. 
# use the official gcc image, based on debian 
# can use verions as well, like gcc:5.2 
# see 
image: gcc


  stage: deploy
     - apt update && apt -y install doxygen graphviz
     - doxygen
     - ./html/dot_inline_dotgraph_1.png
#     - ./html/index.html
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Thanks for taking the time to be thorough in your request, it really helps! :blush:

I found an article describing exactly what I need:

I was able to download with this link:
Sign in · GitLab (
The zip file did contain one file: html\dot_inline_dotgraph_1.png

I didn’t find the link to download only dot_inline_dotgraph_1.png All three of the below links yielded error 404:
Sign in · GitLab (error 404)
Sign in · GitLab (error 404)
Sign in · GitLab (error 404)

Here are the links again but this time I’ve added some spaces, so they are not resolved by the forum software:
h t t p s:// (
h t t p s:// (error 404)
h t t p s:// (error 404)
h t t p s:// (error 404)

This is a working link to the .png file from a specific job run:
h t t p s:// (dot_inline_dotgraph_1.png)

How do I rewrite this link so it always points to the latest job run?

I found the solution:
h t t p s://

The corresponding README.MD:

# markdown-test