List of deployments for a merge request

I’m looking at the feature that tracks when a merge request is deployed to production described here

( I know the UI has changed slightly since the picture was taken )

So we’ve had deployment tracking for a long time and it does track our initial deployment to staging but despite trying to work through it for a long time I can’t seem to get the production deployment to appear.

For reference our deployment workflow is fairly simple, merge requests are always merged to master and immediately deploy to our staging environment. At some point later we push a git tag on master that triggers a production environment deployment.

We use the “linear history” so merge requests must be rebased before merging to master (though this doesn’t seem to matter because even without needing to rebase we never seem to get the link to production)

Any idea what might be keeping us from getting the linkage between a merge request and when it was deployed to production?

We’re on the free plan by the way, I don’t see anything that says this feature is Premium or Ultimate tier, but I could certainly be missing it.

Thanks in advance for any help! usually I’m able to figure these things out myself but I’m completely stumped here.