Listing all previous child pipelines?


I’ve switched a set of jobs to a child pipeline, and that’s working great. But how can I view the history of these child pipelines?

For example (taking a random example of a publicly available child pipeline setup), looking at this one: Pipeline · FranzAtGitLab / Link to Artifacts of Child Pipeline · GitLab, I can see a pointer to the child pipeline, which I can click on. But how can I check if this child pipeline is flaky? The list of pipelines at Pipelines · FranzAtGitLab / Link to Artifacts of Child Pipeline · GitLab only lists the main pipeline.



Hi @clement.moyroud
you can use strategy: depend to define that the parent pipeline should fail if child pipeline fails.
See docs.

Hi @balonik ,

I explicitely do not want this child pipeline to cause the parent one to fail. But I want to be able to see the flakiness of the child pipeline.

Take care,