Locking Files

Hi, Everyone.
I’m stuck on Locking Files.
To suspend users to change gitlab-ci.yml and access our environment we need to lock it.

I’ve read this tutorial, but option “LockFile” does not exists.

Our account is enterprise, I’m not sure about if it’s premium or ultimate.

Does anyone know how to configure it ? I’m not administrator, only common user.

My version gitlab is 12.1.2

Appreciate any help

Hi @tcosta and welcome to the community forum!

The ability to lock files in a repository is restricted to users Developer level access to the project and Administrators.
If a user has “Guest” or “Reporter” level access to the repository/project, I’d expect that the “Lock” button would appear grayed-out with the following message on hover:

If I understand correctly, you’re not seeing the “Lock” button at all. Is this correct? In that situation, it seems likely that you have not been added as a member of that project/repo.

In any case, having a project maintainer or GitLab admin to add you as a project member with developer or maintainer permissions should enable the ability to Lock files as described in the docs.

The GitLab community forum is a great place to find answers and share solutions, but as a GitLab Premium or Ultimate license you also have access GitLab Priority support. In the future, please don’t hesitate to submit a Support ticket if you need assistance.

Thanks, Greg.
The button does not show at all.
As you suggested, I’m gonna open a ticket.

Thanks a lot.