Logging into the wrong account despite same credentials

ich habe a very peculiar problem.
It seems like I have two different gitlab acconts at my universities gitlab. When I login on different computers I am either logged into one or the other. I am using the same credentials and in my profile I have the same name, but my “USER ID” is different and I can see different projects and such. Is there a way to change to my other account with the other “USER ID” if I am logged into the wrong one?

I am glad for all kinds of help.


If your university has their own gitlab install, then you need to speak to the administrator of that Gitlab system to find out which two logins you have to fix the problem. Then they as an admin can move it to one account or the other.

Sounds reasonable. Thank you for your quick answer. In my case it was my fault. My university has two different domains with very similar names with two different gitlabs.