Login breaks from 16.8.2 -> 16.8.3

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Problem to solve

I’m attempting to bring an outdated installation up to the current version. I went through the steps to upgrade (I’m using rpm packages) to 17.0.1. At this point I was no longer able to log in.

Log messages really aren’t very helpful.

{“severity”:“INFO”,“time”:“2024-05-29T03:19:51.234Z”,“correlation_id”:“01HZ15RXQBPDYG1AQY9X2MYN12”,“meta.caller_id”:“SessionsController#new”,“meta.remote_ip”:“”,“meta.feature_category”:“system_access”,“meta.client_id”:“ip/”,“message”:“Failed Login: username=myuser ip=”}

Steps to reproduce

I restored from backup back to the original version, 16.8.1 and I was able to log in again. I’ve narrowed the issue down to something between 16.8.2 and 16.8.3. Upgrading to 16.8.2 has no issue, 16.8.3, I’m no longer able to log in, downgrade to 16.8.2, log in works again.


No configuration changes are being done from a working version to a broken version. All I’m doing is dnf -y update gitlab-ce-16.8.3. Verifying that it breaks, I do dnf -y downgrade gitlab-ce-16.8.2 and I can log in again.


Working versions 16.8.{1,2}
Login breaks as soon as I upgrade to 16.8.3.

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Is this all users or a single user?

I ran in to an issue long ago where a particular user could not login when MFA was enabled, and we tracked it down to corruption in that users profile… I think we may have not allowed all of the migration processes to run completely some time before and this was the result.

I would consider creating a fresh new admin user before the upgrade and see if that user works after the migration.