Login issue with gitlab using docker compose

Hi Sir,

From docker compose I installed gitlab and pointing to external postgresql. Its shooting to localhost 8000 port but I am not able to login.
I am getting this message
Your account is pending approval from your GitLab administrator and hence blocked. Please contact your GitLab administrator if you think this is an error.


When a new user is created, it will want to send an email so that the user can click the link to activate the account. If this wasn’t possible, then you can login to Gitlab as the root user - you should have the password after you installed it. Then under Admin → Users you can activate the user here manually instead.

It would be best to configure gitlab correctly with the email settings in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb so that email delivery would work since that will make things easier for the future.

HI Sir,

Thank you for your kind response. here I attached my docker compose file , I mentioned email and password but still not working.


(Attachment docker-compose.yml is missing)