Login page broken after minor update

Maybe someone could help me with our gitlab installation.
We use debian9/x86_64 and updated from 10.2.1-ce.0 to 10.2.4-ce.0 via the debian repository (using apt-get).

After the update, the login page seems broken, firefox tells me we get 404 on css files. I read the troubleshooting guide wiki, tried a different nginx user in the configs in /var/opt/gitlab/nginx/conf but this did not help (nginx running as user gitlab-www which seems standard on modern versions).
Also: “gitlab-rake gitlab:check SANITIZE=true” said everything is ok.

Any ideas?

icons.svg is also not loaded, in the gitlab-rails/production_json.log file I get:

My workaround for the css problem was: in /opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-rails/public/assets/ I copied the application-XXXX.css to application-FAILED_REQUEST.css
so this at least renders gitlab to be usable again …

However, any hints to resolve this are highly appreciated. (did a gitlab-ctl reconfigure already)

hello, again an update, in case someone has the same problems:
the solution was: https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/omnibus-gitlab/issues/3114