Login with Bitbucket

Hey guys,

Anyone experiencing problems logging in with Bitbucket?
Can’t access my account…
When I select Bitbucket for Login, Gitlab displays me the following message:

Could not authenticate you from Bitbucket because "Invalid request: redirect uri does not match {"error description": "redirect uri does not match", "error": "invalid request"}".

If anyone can help, I’ll be very thankful.



that’s pretty…suck…

Me too. I wrote it in this thread with same topic two days ago. Gitlab sign in with Bitbucket account

Please, we need a solution. We can’t access to our code :cry::cry:

Is there any other way to recover access? Any way to download code for all projects? :scream:

I don’t think so…

I have to say this really suck, I won’t consider using Gitlab anymore

Me neither, of course!! But currently, most important thing is recover all our repository content. What happen with all our work? I’ve written in this forum, also in bitbucket forum, with no solutions. This situation is really annoying. :rage: Any idea?

Today works again!! :star_struck::star_struck: Thank you!!