Login with GitLab is broken

I’m constantly having issues with Gitlab sites that when it gives the option to login with my Gitlab account, it always gives me Error 422 saying that my email is already in use, Yes, I know it’s already in use, because that’s what I’m trying to login with, every Gitlab mirror site that has their own domain name prefix results in this error when trying to login with GitLab, why is it always showing me Error 422 when trying to login with GitLab as the option I select when it’s the one I want to sign-in with?

If I’m given a login option to “Sign-in with X” I should be able to click that button and expect to sign-in using that option, not be tossed about between error page and telling me I need to either “Reset My Password” or “Create New Account” It’s rather pointless to be given the sign-in option, only for it to not work, what it should be doing instead is taking me to the page that lets me authorize the login “Do you authorize thiso login?” with prompts “Authorize” or “Deny” the page that it’s suppose to give you when you login.