Lost access to primary email, what to do?

I lost access to my primary email registered with gitlab a while ago (it was a university account). I also had registered a secondary email that I can still access.

Now I try to log in to my gitlab account only to be asked to confirm via email. I presume that email is sent to my primary email address because I don’t receive it. So what to do now? How can I get access to my account?

Funny thing is, I can still change my password via the seconday email. But I still cannot access my account!! There seems to be some logic error here…


As per a lot of the posts already on this forum, community members cannot help you with access to your account, password resets, etc, etc. You need to open a ticket with Gitlab and if you are a free user, will have to wait patiently until they respond since paying customers are a priority: Submit a request – GitLab, Inc.

Thanks, at least I know what to do now.