Lost how to update


so we have a running a GitLab environment for some years. We setup the whole thing on premise with Omnibus Setup on a centOS. There was a license purchased, than we switched back to CE. Than it was moved to a virtual server. It was enable to auto scale, and the database was placed during this to an external server.

So far so good. Running nice.

Till we needed to update.

It tells us that we can not update because it does not find the database. Sure it is on another server. So, the only thing I was able to find was, that ai should place a file to a specific folder to tell the update process not to check or update the database.

After the update is done I need to remove the file, restart the service and everything will be good.

Well will it be? I am not so deep down in all this but is there no update documentation that tells you that if you have an Omni setup and moved the database to an external server, how to update the whole thing? Maybe I am to stupid to google, so if someone could google it for me it would be great.

I am training since February to make the update happen but even with backup I do not want to create a mess with hell downtime for my users.

So, any advice or pointers to documents would be great.

Advance Thanks.