Lost my mail address of an account and cannot reset my password nor login

Hi GitLab Team and Community,

i have an account which i use to work as a normal user to see if my access rights are good enough to work but less enough to do not have an insight in everything.

Now i think i know my email address which i used to register that account but my password i saved is not working any more.
A password reset does not end up in an email.
If i try to register a new account with that email, gitlab.com tells me that this email address is already taken. So it should be in gitlab.com’s database.
But resetting the password does not work, as i do not get an email with the password reset link.
I checkd if i’m able so send a mail to that address, and yes i got the test mail.
As the domain and mailbox is hosted by google and i get the test mail it think on that side everything is working well.

At the end i thought, maybe it will be recoverable by resending the confirmation mail. But even this mail is not delivered to the mailbox.

Can someone point me in the right direction? What can i do to get the account back?

Thank you!


We are just community members, so cannot help you with your login. I suggest you open a ticket here, it already has the option selected for account and login issues: Submit a request – GitLab, Inc.

If you are a free user, you will have to wait a while, since Gitlab support is for paid accounts, but usually someone should respond to you at some point within a day or two on whether it will be possible or not.

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Hey iwalker,

thanks that link and preselecting was also a great support!
I do not know why but i missed the “submit a support ticket” button.

Have a nice weekend!

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