Lost recovery codes

My cellphone and laptop were stolen 3 years ago… now i need access to my old repos.

According to doc… i must ask a gitlab admin to disable 2FA for my account “jmontilla@krewbit.com
Please i request this action to be performed. With the laptop i also lost SSH keys used .

Thanks in advance

You would have to contact Gitlab support directly - they will not deal with it via the forums. Here is the link and open a ticket: Support | GitLab

If you are a free user you will have to wait patiently for them to reply. Although there was something I believe that they don’t reset 2FA now for free accounts, only for paying users, but you can try anyway.

I suggest for the future that you keep a backup of your SSH keys, and if you used 2FA on your phone, Authy is a really good app which allows you to backup your 2FA account in the cloud. Then if you lose your phone, you can install Authy on a new phone and restore the backup - providing that you remember the password you used for the backup!

I have Authy installed on two telephones, so I can always get in to my account. I’ve also even started using Yubikeys as well for 2FA for additional login abilities.