Lost User Row due to VM issue

Hello All,

I am running Gitlab CE via Ombnibus on Ubuntu 16.04 within a Virtual Box VM, which was force-shutdown. Afterward the VM booted to the rescue mode for Ubuntu and I ran fsck on the mapped gitlab volume, which repaired many things(no logs). After that it booted up just fine and the web service is available, but my user wasn’t recognized at login, although my root credentials still work on the site’s UI.

As root, I can see all projects, but my user isn’t listed on the users page. I also cannot view any project directly owned by my user, but I can for other group-owned projects.

I logged into the local database and was able to confirm there is [an] entry for my user in the users table, but do not want to attempt a manual update w/o some kind of guidance/assurance it will work. I also checked /var/opt/gitlab/git-data and my user folder with git repos is still present.

I would like to restore my user as well as is possible. Please help, and I will try to get any and all info requested. Thanks in advance!

Nevermind; it seems some automated process refreshed whatever cache was needed.