Lost with LevelUp

I feel a bit lost with LevelUp and at the same time a bit stupid…

I am not sure to understand how that works… If I click on All Courses, I can access all courses freely, but there is no certification.
Tough on the homepage, there are 3 “Featured Courses” that are actual certifications (I think), where we have to pay to enrol. But those courses are not in “All Courses”.
Docs on Education Services | GitLab, seem a bit old and some links are not working.

TL;DR; I don’t know what I am doing. I just want to know what I have to do to enrol and pass a certification that my employer would pay.

Can anyone help? (I feel like I failed the first test…)

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I have also faced the same issue with the website, it looks to me like it is buggy.

Even though I have found it, I can’t register for the certification: Unable to pay/enroll for GitLab Certified Associate on LevelUp