Make reference/link in open new tab and display file in original format

I am using the [description](./file) notation in my file to link other important files in my repository for providing information to the user.
I have PDF files and also html-Files that I want to display in rendered format on a new tab in my browser.

Currently Gitlab will:

  • For PDF files Gitlab will open a new tab on my browser displaying the rendered PDF in a gitlab frame.
  • For HTML files Gitlab will also open a new tab, but display the contents of the html in a gitlab frame.
  • For external links like [gitlab homepage]( a new tab will open displaying the html in rendered format.

Is there an option to the []() command to tell Gitlab when linking to files in repository treat them as external content (open a new tab and display the file in rendered format without the gitlab frame)?

This would allow to use the default PDF reader and it’s functions (zoom, search, …) without the need to download it.

I am using GitLab Community Edition [v16.7.2]