Making Gitlab work with non-namespaced repository URLs

at my company (let’s assume it’s we’re considering a migration to a self-hosted Gitlab (let’s assume we’ll run it on a new server, to which we’ll point the domain: from our current, gitosis-based Git setup (it’s now running at We’d strongly prefer to migrate it in a way that after migrating, we’ll repoint old domain to a gitlab server, so that all git repo URLs will still work correctly (as we have the repo urls hardcoded in many deployment scripts, and we don’t want to risk forgetting about some old script and ending up unable to deploy new version of some part of our software).

Interestingly, the domain itself is not a problem - our tests have shown that after repointing domain to Gitlab server, we’ll be perfectly able to visit and log into Gitlab.

However, the challenge we’re facing is that our current repo url structure is as follows:, while the structure (seemingly) enforced by Gitlab is that the repo url always must contain namespace, e.g.
Can this be somehow avoided? I haven’t managed to find any configuration option in Gitlab UI, but maybe directly in Gitlab config files something can be set up? Or maybe it’s possible to set up a default namespace, so that if we try to clone from, Gitlab somehow figures out that the namespace is missing and looks for a project in some standard namespace, e.g.

Thanks in advance!