Managing redis growth

We’ve had gitlab running for a few months now and have almost 4000 projects, over 2500 users with around 2000 pushes a day. Yesterday my redis server failed as it ran out of memory and wasn’t able to save the data to disk. I’ve worked around the issue but I’m wondering if there are any sizing recommendations for redis.

Currently the redis server, used only for gitlab, is using around 1.7 GiB for 1,532,885 keys and has grown around 20 MiB in the last 12 hours. I believe I can clear the cache down with a rake task but I would expect it to grow back again and have a small performance hit while the caches are rebuilt.

Are they any recommendations regarding managing the redis cache?

Are there any sizing guides for redis as I imagine it would be based on the number and growth of projects on the server?


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