Markdown malarkey with commit comparison links

Issue summary
Text linked to commit comparisons are rendered in a monospace font for no apparent reason.

Background details
I’m putting together a and noticed a certain discrepency between the way the markdown is rendered when linked to a commit comparison; the same issue also affects tag comparison URLs.
While linked text usually inherits its parent’s/neighbour’s style, links to commit comparisons appear to over-rule this specificity and defaults to a monospace font regardless of its parent/neighbour. Gone rogue, as it were. And we can’t be having that.

Steps to replicate

  1. View the of my public GitLab repo to observe the issue in situ.
  2. As a control, text linked to tags are rendered just as you’d expect.
  3. Next, observe how to text linked to tag and commit comparisons are rendered in a distinctly different monospace font. You can even switch between the source and rendered file to see the (lack of) difference between them. A visual comparison between the two views is attached below.
  4. Finally, I’ve included a sample usage example to illustrate how I came across this visual issue in the first place.
    It seems like a really odd edge-case which might have something to do with how commit comparison URLs are structured.

Expected result
Much like any other linked bodies of text, I’d expect commit comparison links would be rendered with the same styling as its parent/neighbour instead of defaulting to a monospace font.


Please feel free to get back to me if you have any queries. Thanks!