Markdown new paragraph is not working

Why such a trivial task by adding a P (paragraph) is not working in editor.
I tried everything and only way is to add < br > which is weird.
The two is just ignored, making a single new line instead.

The behavior is the same as GitHub…

Any way to solve it? Thanks.

HOW can I reply in this forum if I don’t have a REPLY button ???
I have all craps like Bookmark, Share, Watching but REPLY is missing.

Is just not working, or perhaps I need several PhD to do this trivial task.

When I hit ENTER twice like all docs says on internet, should render as P but is not.
How can I have something like this

This is sentence ONE
<-- a blank line between
This is sentence TWO

Please post an example of the markdown that is not working as expected.

Anyone please?

Completely disappointing. Why such a good tool has a such a rudimentary WIKI or text editor ???
I just gave a example above.

Now I try to make my notes on wiki and it’s completely stone edge.
No bold, no

, what is this?

Should I really pay for this crap?