Maven packages access problem

since the last upgrade to 15.11 version, i’m facing to a very big problem.
I can no longer implement package from my gitlab in my project.
I publish my library easily, but, when I retrieve it, each time, the package is not found, however, in the web interface, I see everything…

could you help me please?

I don’t know how to take the problem and I can’t move forward on my dev because my whole strategy is based on this paradigm…

thanks a lot

Are you having problems to access from your local machine or from the Gitlab’s CI/CD?

no, my machine is accessing the gitlab server.

on the other side, when i follow this url: http://my.server.lan/api/v4/groups/13/-/packages/maven
I get a json response for http://my.server.lan/api/v4/groups/13. If I complete the URL with the package part: “/-/packages/maven” I get a 404 error.

Do you have two projects one depending on the other, correct? If this is the case I was facing a similar issue that I fixed with GitLab CI/CD job token | GitLab.

Hope this helps