Maven registry meta-data missing checksums, &tc

I’m deploying some legacy artifacts to group level Maven package repositories.

I noticed that the md5 and sha1 artifacts are not present. Is this intentional? I see that a competitor has in the last couple of years “hidden” these meta-data files, but they are retrievable (or the visibility can be turned on). There is some whispers that these are “legacy” and no longer valuable, but I don’t see anything in the documentation about them, so I expected them.

Can anyone elaborate on why they are not present? I’m using:

Maven 3.6.3
maven-deploy-plugin: 3.0.0-M1 (and 2.8.2)
Java 8

Sample command line:

mvn org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-deploy-plugin:2.8.2:deploy-file \
-P gitlab \
-Dfile=web-framework-1.12.0.RC1.jar \
-DrepositoryId=gitlab-packages \
-Durl= \ \
-DartifactId=web-framework \
-Dversion=1.12.0.RC1 \
-DgeneratePom=true \