Maximum number of assignees on free plan

Hi there,

Currently we are working on a free plan and there are about 25 people on the project. When I open a new issue and try to select an assignee, the assignee I am looking for does not show up on this list but others(red box in the image below). However When I try to find the same person in the green box it does appear with at sign (@).

So I am just curious what the max number of assignees on a free plan is. Are there any restrictions or limitations?

Thanks in advance.

Hi! You should be able to search assignees without using @ symbol. When you press assignee red box, does it show any user on the list?

This sounds like the person you want to find isn’t a part of the group.

Thanks for the reply!

I am pretty sure they are in the group and it does show the users in the red box. But there are only 20 users to choose. Do you think the maximum number of assignees on a free plan is 20?