Meaning of duplicate gitlab-ce releases for ubuntu focal in repository

The list of releases: gitlab/gitlab-ce - Results for ubuntu/focal in gitlab/gitlab-ce (Page 15)
shows that for each release number there are two versions with different MD5 but identical package version number. e.g. gitlab-ce_15.8.0-ce.0_arm64.deb
The only difference I can spot is that the one depends on libatomic1 and the other does not.
Is this by design and how is APT supposed to manage these double packages?

There are two for 15.8.0. One is amd64, the other is arm64. One if for x86 machines like Intel/AMD, the other is for ARM processors, so like Raspberry PI.

Doh! Thank you for point that out.
I’m trying to understand some issues that we have on our server, where we among others things saw the same update arrive on two subsequent days, so I was trying to find an explanation… now that path is ruled out.

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