Member role is wrong

I have member Joe. He is a reporter in our group “A”. In our subgroup “B” he shows up as a reporter by inheritance. So far so good.

I create another group “C” that contains Joe. I use the invite group to add group “C” to group “B” with the role of developer. When I look at Joe in the member list of subgroup “B” he still shows that he’s only a reporter inherited from “A”. He should be a developer from “C”.

Either his role didn’t change or it’s obfuscated to where I can’t verify what his actual role is. Either way I have a lot more Joes and groups to setup and this is not good.

I’m going off of the info under Groups | GitLab

We’re using GitLab Enterprise Edition 14.7.0-ee


it may be a limitation in the UI for the current user being logged in, maybe for security reasons. An alternative way of checking the user permission in a group can be to use the Rails console as administrator: GitLab Rails Console Cheat Sheet | GitLab


Thanks for the response. I have owner role in all of the groups I am working with. I assume I don’t have any UI limitation? If I do what do we need to change to fix that?
I could talk to the admins but I’m pretty sure I don’t have access to console. Can check it through the restful api?

It sounds similar to this bug.

I think we will run into this problem as well when the user tries to work in groups underneath “B”.