Members of Private Group unable to see Private Project in the Group

Utilizing GitLab 10.0.3, We’re seeing the following behavior. Looking at documentation, there is a contradiction as to what is the expected behavior.

  1. Create a Private Group “Apples”
  2. Create a Private Sub-Group under “Apples” called “Braeburn”
  3. Add 2 users (User E and User F) to Group “Apples” with “Developer” role
  4. Select “Members” under the Sub-Group “Apples/Braeburn”
  5. Observe both users appear under the “Existing members and groups” section
  6. Create a Private Project called “project-1”
  7. Select “Members” under the newly created project (“project-1”)
  8. Observe, both users appear under the “Existing members and groups” section as “Developers” and reflect permissions have been received from “Apples” level
  9. Log into gitlab as User F
  10. User F can see the group and sub-group (“Apples/Braeburn”), but can NOT see the project (“project-1”)

Looking at gitlab documentation (, it indicates the following:

Consider we have a group with two projects:

  • On the Group Members page we can now add a new user to the group.
  • Now because this user is a Developer member of the group, he automatically gets Developer access to all projects within that group.

However, inside the “Permissions” settings for the project in gitlab, there is a statement that says:
“The project is accessible only by members of the project. Access must be granted explicitly to each user.”

We expected since the users were “members” of the group they would have access to the project(s) under the group. Especially since the users are listed under the “Existing members and group” section for the project. However, even though they are listed, they can’t see or access the project.

Any help/insight into how this is suppose to work? We also found the bug below that sounds similar…