Merge a Merge Request to multiple branches

Is there a way to merge MR to multiple branches at the same time?

Use case: using basic Gitflow pattern I create a hotfix for a release branch and set it up with a MR against release branch. On acceptance of this MR, I may want to push this change back into develop branch and any NEWER release branch. Currently this means manual merging or manual creation of MR to the other branches, but it would be nice to automatically merge the changes (like what BitBucket offers).

Alternatively since this is possibly a bit complicated - maybe an easier approach is to automatically generate a MR for specific branches. So for example setting release branch such that any times there are new commits on it, it will open a Merge Request against develop, if one does not exists, or add to the MR if it does. This will remove the automatic merge danger, but greatly simplify housekeeping work…

So, how would one go about doing this?