Merge graphic indication

Hello everyone.

I just merged my dev branch on my master branch and I’m surprised there isn’t a arrow from dev to the commit merge, like on the icon, to indicate the merge.

There is a way to show it ? Maybe I did something wrong during merging.

Did you merge locally or via the web browser? If you merged dev to master locally, maybe you forgot to push master to your remote repo?

Locally with git merge squash and I pushed master. The merge is successful, it’s just on the graphic where there isn’t an arrow to indicate the merge. Maybe there isn’t it on GitLab ? (I’m used to Github)

What does git log --oneline --graph from the master branch show you?

All commit on master since the initial.

$ git log --oneline --graph

  • fff7ce2 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD) Merge dev - Vraie valeur de scale des ADT
  • 0fe9afa Fix bug affichage map
  • 50ac38a Lecture des ADT + premier affichage chunk map
  • c5190b2 WDT_MAIN, coords inversées fixed
  • 0a16b1e Lecture WDT fonctionnelle
  • c8b66e3 Update .gitignore
  • d7b3c1f mpq retiré du projet
  • fe0edb8 Textures fonctionnelles
  • de6572b Fix mineur sur la récup des triangles
  • ba70206 flipHorizontally & display all textures coords
  • ce138ea Textures coords incorrectes
  • 1384a1e Vectrices & triangles fonctionnels
  • 620fbb1 Fix gitignore 2
  • f3311aa Correctif gitignore
  • 33ad3d0 Récupération du header des fichiers m2 + ajout d’un gitignore suite au ménage
  • d9f9d36 Ménage de printemps
  • c30390f Camera fonctionnelle (GLEW/GLM)
  • 9715440 Cucube texturé 2
  • b288e03 Modernisation (GLM), camera non-fonctionnelle
  • ae4e923 Ajout de la lib glew pour les shaders
  • a3c1567 Gogole Earth
  • 5d1fd58 Sphère texturée
  • 69cd2ab Cucube texturé
  • 8b425bf cucube qui tourne
  • 80176e7 exemple sfml/opengl fonctionnel
  • 37ec96b Initial commit