Merge not executed - You can only merge once the items above are resolved


I need execute a merge in dev brach into master branch and in my MR appears “You can only merge once the items above are resolved”, but not show anything items above. When execute merge on command line i get success.

I’m using

Someone known this problem?


Same problem. Is anyone on the team aware of this?

I’ve also encountered this a few times. Hopefully this get’s more attention.

Same issue. I’ve been using in a self-hosted and we updated the Gitlab Image, after that, the problem started.
Version: 12.9.2

Check the Merge checks section in the general settings of your repository.
In case you the “Pipelines must succeed” option enabled while not using CI (or having the CI setup on a another branch, and nor merged to the master branch yet, etc…, etc…)

I’ve had the same problem some time ago and I “solved” it by disabling the CI checks, when not having CI setup in the repo (duh… I don’t know why was that check enabled in the first place anyway…).