Merge request - change file list

Hello Team,
Need your help!!!
Here is my scenario:
A developer makes a bunch of commits [#sha1 - file1; #sha2 - file2; #sha3 - file3] to his development branch. Once he is happy with all his changes he raises merge request. Now at this stage I want to get list of all changed files[file1, file2, file3] that are part of “this” merge request. Can you please help with this?
Remember as part of merge request

  1. we can only get last SHA number; sha3 in our case
  2. with git log -m -3 --name-only sha3 - will give me list of all three changes. But how do I know i should use “-3” not “-2” or “-10”

khader$ git log -m -1 --name-only 581a332
commit 581a332…
Author: Khader
Multiple commit – 3

git diff --name-only 

seems to approach the result that you want, seems to be a reasonable post on this (but I didn’t read it all).