Merge Request will close issues the description doesn't contain

Automatic closing of issues from Merge Request will close issues that are not concerned by the request at all.

  • The attached image is a screenshot of the MR, from a project “MyGroup/MyProject”.
  • The MR summary indicates “Closes AnotherGroup/AnotherProject#42 and AnotherGroup2/AnotherProject2#259”
  • These projects are not linked in any way, neither the issues numbers.
  • Thanks for the hints! We have any clue for why this is happening
  • Gitlab v12.10.8

I believe automatic closing of issues behavior can also occur when any of the commits have a “Closes issue …” in their commit message.

See this reference.

Because you have a large quantity of commits, this may be a little tedious/require a script to look through all of the 903 commits.

As a side note, I recommend looking at Gitlab MR Best Practices.

  • Take one thing at a time and ship the smallest changes possible. By doing so, you’ll have faster reviews and your changes will be less prone to errors.
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Thanks ! That’s definitely the reason. This merge is an update of an old fork, this is why there are so many commits. Indeed, two of them contain the guilty close command.

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