Merge requests have been titled "Merge '%{source_}' into '%{target_}'" since April 8th

We’re not using gitlab on premises, but the normal service. Our repo is private (work purposes).

On the morning of April 8th, I made a merge request and merged normally. Later that day, I made another merge request and the title of it in my commit history is Merge '%{source_}' into '%{target_}'.

Every merge request I’ve made since then has made a commit called Merge '%{source_}' into '%{target_}'.

I’ve had my coworker make a few merge requests – those are also all called Merge '%{source_}' into '%{target_}'.

This occurs whether we merge:

  • From the link provided on the command line
  • From “Merge Requests”
  • From the “Merge Request” button on a commit

Google hasn’t turned up anything and I hope there’s a solution out there.