Merge Requests shown as created by user who performed project import

I need to move a project from one Gitlab instance to another. After running the project import, all the merge requests are marked as being created by the username performing the repository import.

Is that expected behavior? I could not find this in the limitations section of the documentation.

Because the repository itself is large, I followed the instructions on splitting out the project.bundle file from the archive, so maybe this is the reason?

Do the users exist in the Gitlab where you are importing? If not create them and then try to import again. The import matches on email addresses (at least that’s how the Bitbucket importer worked).

Yep they exist, because I’m running the import form the same server I created the import from. I also made sure the users exit in the namespace I’m import the project to, no dice. I am administrator on the instance too, so I do not understand why it’s not properly attributing the MR authorship.