Merged label on branch list


There seems to be no more “merged” label on the branch list (to know which branches are already merged on “master” or not). Is there a way to make it visible again, please ?
Seen on “”.

Hi @nvincent.jamdifus

it was replaced by actual MR number and state if there is one. If not there is a “New” button now.

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I’m not able to get from this new “MR info” the same information we was used to get from the merged-label.

We are using a “git-flow” approach with more than one live versions. So we are used to have a chain of branches that have to be merged until the default one (e.g. bugfix → v7 → v8 → rc9 → main).
With the previous merged-label we was able to see immediately if all the branches were correctly merged into the default one.

How I can see the same information using the new MR-info?
Thank you

I now have the same problem - suddenly, I can’t see which hotfix branches have already been merged, as there never is a merge request for them. This seems like a serious regression.

Edit: Let’s see if anyone cares: Bring back "merged" label on branches (#423274) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab

Edit2: Actually my ticket wasn’t new, there’s already !127127