Merged tag disappeared in v16.1.2

Hi, we just updated our installation from 15.8 to 16.1.2.
Everything is fine but our merged branches are not displayed as merged as before. We can only see the “merged” tag for release branches that we use to collect merge from feature/fix branches.


We have a branch called A and we merge it into release/20230713
We have a branch called B and we merge it into release/20230713
We merge release/20230713 into main

After all of these operations in the later version of Gitlab we se A, B and release/20230713 as MERGED.
In the newer one we see only release/20230713 as MERGED

This behaviour doesn’t let us know which branches are effectively merged in main.

Thanks in advance for any help

This was already answered here Merged label on branch list

Hi balonik, thank you.
I already saw the MR number in our release branch but it seems that this feature doesn’t consider indirect MR while the old version did.

Branch A → MR into branch release/xxx → MR into main

Old version showed both branch A and release/xxx as merged, while new one show MR number only for release/xxx branch while in main I obviously have all commits from Branch A

Isee, I can only suggest to contact GitLab support if you are on paid subs, or posting this in GitLab Issue tracker