Merging two GitLab Installs

I have two GitLab installs I need to merge into one.

Server 1 has 5 projects
Server 2 has 100 of projects

If I run a backup on server 1, is it possible to restore that backup to server 2 without overwriting any data? Will I end up with 105 projects on server 2 or does the backup restore overwrite existing projects or clear out the databases?

Hi, I found myself in the same situation as you. I waited for the function export / import on a complete project to be published and I used it on each project (the server 1 in your case) I then import one by one on the second server.

I do not think there is other methods at present.

As @djems54 suggested, your best bet is to use

@djems54 Did the import process import milestones and labels on issues.I actually tried this before posting and all the issue dates were set incorrectly, I had no milestones or labels either. Wondering if this is a bug I should report.