Mermaid maximum character cound configurable?

I really love to have the mermaid functionality included in the gitlab markdown. For further information please see

However, on our self hosted instance using Version 12.8.1 (d18b43a5f5a) we run into a maximum character count error for larger mermaid graphs. The graphs become large since I link the nodes to issues or pages using the
click <node_name> “URL”
syntax - which I think is a very powerful tool since issues or external sites can be linked to the graphs node thus giving a very convenient way of navigating through larger projects.

The error I get is

Cannot render the image. Maximum character count (5000) has been exceeded.

We tried changing the number in the code as suggested in but it did not show any effect.

I would wish this will become a config option in the future.

Anyone knows any workarounds or fixes?