Metrics/code quality graphing

I use SaaS as a premium member, using GitLab’s runners, with a working project CI setup. My CI steps generate both a codequality and a metrics report. Both reports’ data can be seen in a nerve request (“No changes to code quality. Metrics reports did not change”). Additionally, the list of code quality findings is displayed in a pipeline’s page (but the metrics data does not appear to be).

Does gitlab not provide any way to graph these numbers over time, specifically for commits in the default branch? I would expect that as a way to help decrease build warnings, linter issues, smell counts, and the like, it’d be a common feature for platforms like this to graph how those numbers change over time. I remember Jenkins providing these features the last time I was forced to use it.

How are others meeting these needs? Are there other integrations that provide these types of visualizations and analyses?