Microsoft Teams Connector not working anymore

The ability to get notified via a Teams message when someone pushes code in a repo (or any other event) is very useful.
We used the instructions from

But I don’t think the Github company (Microsoft) likes that because since a few weeks the “incoming webhook” connector is not available in Teams anymore. Is there a workaround or is it a BOFH Teams admin I should ask to fix this?


I just tried this. I would say that it is a problem with your Microsoft Teams configuration perhaps not letting or giving you permission to install apps. I have no problem to enable this in mine, see below screenshots.

so as you can see it’s still possible, which means Microsoft didn’t break it, but perhaps your company/corporation settings for Microsoft products or Teams is blocking it.

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Hi Ian,
thanks for testing this. I hope this feature will stay in the future but now it is somehow turned off. Temporarily, I hope.
Existing webhook connectors are still working.
The reason why our MS Teams department decided to turn it off is still a mystery.