Migrate - Import project by URL

I am working on creating documentation and Youtube videos for my team to be able to sustain an isolated GitLab CE instance.

More specifically the intent in this case is to demonstrate how to build a new web-isolated, and then move/copy the projects directly by using the feature “Repo by URL” option.

What I have done so far:

  1. Stopped the firewalld on both my source and destination Linux GitLab servers.
  2. Confirmed the account and password do work for logging in (I am using the root account).
  3. Provided the “clone” URL from the source and copy/pasted it into the destination’s website form along with the username/password even though the project is marked as Public.

After doing all of this, to remove any obvious obstacles, I get an error:

Import url is blocked: Requests to the local network are not allowed.

I thought I read somewhere that the two GitLab servers, source and destination, need to be on the same version of GitLab; however, that does not make sense to me. Did I read that incorrectly? I cannot find the page where I thought I read that anymore.

My source GitLab is running: v14.1.3
My destination GitLab is running: v14.1.2

On today’s date while just now checking these versions I discovered there is an even newer version of GitLab available - v14.1.5.

I found the following article on gitlab.com, https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab/-/issues/26845

In there I found the suggestion to “Allow fetch local resources”, which worked for them:

Admin -> Settings -> Network -> Outbound Requests -> Allow requests to the local network from hooks and services