Migrate tickets from Trac & Redmine -> Gitlab


I’d like to get some input on best practices migrating tickets from both Trac and Redmine to Gitlab. I assume there are some good tools out there but google wasn’t my friend trying to find them…

I did some quick tests successfully pulling one-by-one via the trac xml-rpc to gitlab’s issue api but I soon noticed two things making this impossible.

  1. I couldn’t find a way to set the author in the issues and comments to the issue. All will end up as “me” or should I say the api-token I use for the API will explicitly set that user as the ref on each item I insert in Gitlabs issue tracker.

  2. Updating the date & time doesn’t seem to be supported via the API, this results in all issues and comment history being listed as today’s date.

Any good workarounds to this?

best /dav

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Hi Dav,

If you’re still looking for a way to migrate your project from Redmine to Gitlab, we released a tool to do just that today on Github : https://github.com/oasiswork/redmine-gitlab-migrator

It might need some tweaking for your specific use-case, but it worked great for us.

Not sure how you can do this for Trac.


Hi Nico, awesome. I’ll give it a try.

I also ran into the issue before trying to set creation/edit dates via the API. Any clues if this is something that can be solved?
I’ve seen other tools that do this straight via SQL but that feels a bit too raw/risky…

For Trac, maybe there are some “Trac to Redmine” tools out there to run a 2-stage rocket

Checking in on this one.

Any chances we could see an “Admin API” that exposes “all” data-fields like (author, creation/edit dates, watchers, etc) that is needed for various migration-tools.

any updoming api changes allowing this or is it down to SQL to achieve this?