Migrating from GitLab Community Edition 10.7.2 4628694

I’m an admin on GitLab Community Edition 10.7.2 4628694. I’m told that I’m about to lose the host server and that another team is going to perform the migration for me to an existing installation of “GitLab enterprise version”. I have four projects that I care about, including their history and branches. The team that is going to perform the migration lacks admin rights and is requesting them. Before I do that, what are some of the questions I should be asking them? Does GitLab have a written procedure for such a migration?

Hi @afeldstein

since you have only 4 projects, the easiest way how to get your projects to another GitLab instance is to export them. You can find the Export button in the Settings → General in the Advanced section. This will create an archive you can use to import it to another GitLab instance by clicking New Project → Import project and selecting GitLab export as source.

In this case the other team doesn’t need any admin access and you only need regular Owner permissions in your Group on the other instance.

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I would also do this myself, but in case you really don’t want to, I’ll try to answer your questions.

What do they need those for. As you’re moving on to an existing installation that (probably) already has projects, export/import is basically the only way, you don’t need admin rights to do that. The only usage I can think of is to go through all the settings on the old installation and tell you what is different on the new. But that might result in quite a lot of irrelevant information, and as you can’t really do anything with that knowledge, I would probably opt to just find the relevant differences myself, you’ll have to adjust your work anyway.

Not to my knowledge. But it isn’t really a migration, it’s just moving four projects to a different installation - that might have some different settings.
There’s probably some written documentaion on exporting and importing projects, but it’s quite simple.