Migration from Bitbucket Cloud to GitLab


My company is considering moving from Bitbucket Cloud to GitLab. I tried to import the main repo to Gitlab following this guide (Import your project from Bitbucket Cloud to GitLab | GitLab), but not all the pull requests have been imported. Also, pull request changes and commits have not been imported either.

Maybe I am missing something, as it seems very strange to me that all this data is not exported. Can anyone confirm for me if there is a way to export all pull request information from bitbucket?

Thank you!

I haven’t used the importer, but the issues for fixing import from Bitbucket are here I think maybe this issue suggests that there are still some problems with MRs. It might be worth having a look for any hints there, and upvoting any issues that are relevant to you, and hopefully someone who has done this before can give you a clearer answer.