Minimize log output when downloading Image

In my YAML file, I am specifying a maven image for my job. The log output that occurs from the job is dominated by the downloading of this image, which causes my logs to exceed the maximum. Is there any way to remove this log output or minimize it?

Can you show the line of YAML to see how the download of the image is occurring?

Or you just using the image tag like image: maven:latest

image: maven:3.8.6-jdk-11

Output looks a lot like this

Downloading from central:
Progress (1): 2.8/14 kB
Progress (1): 5.5/14 kB
Progress (1): 8.3/14 kB
Progress (1): 11/14 kB
Progress (1): 14/14 kB
Progress (1): 14 kB

Downloaded from central: (14 kB at 57 kB/s)
Downloading from central:
Progress (1): 2.8/27 kB
Progress (1): 5.5/27 kB
Progress (1): 8.3/27 kB
Progress (1): 11/27 kB
Progress (1): 14/27 kB
Progress (1): 17/27 kB
Progress (1): 19/27 kB
Progress (1): 22/27 kB
Progress (1): 25/27 kB
Progress (1): 27 kB

From my understanding the image: tag is used to tell the runner what docker image the job should be run in. I think there is some other line in your pipeline that is causing the excessive logs. From the download urls it looks like its downloading all the dependencies specified in the maven project. There may be a way to specify a --quiet flag during that process or possibly cache the download of those items so they won’t be needed next time.

You’re right. The output is coming from the mvn verify command I’m running.

Glad to help!

Also its a good idea to look into a cache option or utilizing gitlab’s package registry to help optimize your pipeline. The package registry in particular is a good way of keeping the needed dependencies close at hand and under strict watch.