Mirroring public git repo without any kind of authentication


We are using many 3rd party public git repos for our project which lives in our GitLab instance (GitLab Community Edition 14.5.2).

Very often we can’t reach the 3rd party git repos (SSL certificate issues, network connections issues, moved under other URL, etcetc)

We want them mirrored (pull only) to our GitLab instance to make sure the referenced repos and tags (as submodule) always reachable for our CI/CD processes

The public 3rd party git repos are come from different places ( GitHub/public Gitlab/Bitbucket/“who-knows-what-type git scm server” )

GitLab docs talking about (Github) Authentication, but we don’t need and we don’t want to authenticate to mirror those public git repos.

How can we mirror a general public git repo with Gitlab mirror function?

Or we have to do this on git command level?

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