Mirroring remote repos

I have an Azure Devops repo which and in git lab I have created a linked project which should pull changes from the external repo and run gitlab pipelines every 10 minues or so.

There is an error message displayed where I should get a message saying the last pull was successful.
Pull mirroring failed just now.
And in Settings > repository >
2:fetch remote: “fatal: could not read Username for ‘https://dev.azure.com’: terminal prompts disabled\n”: exit status 128.

Hi, if authentication is required to access the repo, you need to put username/password or username:token in the url so:


if token, replace the password with the token to authenticate.

Hi Ian

The password is specified when the project is created, I have also added the user name and password to the URL but i get the same error message.

After a fair bit of searching, I found an issue for this posted recently. I posted a workaround there that appears to be working for me on GitLab EE 13.10.3: